Cellular Alarm Systems

Cellular alarm technology is a significant move forward in home security. Cellular alarm systems work similar to your cellphone in that they communicate through cellular towers. In case of an alarm being triggered, the system notifies the monitoring station through a cellular call, from the inside of your house. In the past, security systems had to run through the home phone line in order to communicate with the monitoring station. In today’s age, home phone lines are being phased out and are being replaced by
either VOIP (voice over IP) home phone lines or completely replaced by the use of cellphones.
We highly recommend cellular alarm systems because they can reduce cost (because homeowners no longer need to pay for a home phone lines) and are safer. More so, with new cellular technology, it’s also far more convenient than a standard security system because you can control your security system from your smartphone.
In regard to safety, it’s important to know that standard phone line systems are risky— with a phone line based system, burglars can cut your phone line from the outside of your house quite easily, effectively disabling an alarm systems ability to notify the monitoring station of an intrusion. In many cases, the monitoring station does not respond to a disconnected phone line as an emergency- it could just be that you didn’t pay your phone bill or are doing maintenance on the house. Meanwhile, if there is an intruder smart enough to cut your phone line, the last thing you want is for an intruder to be in your house without the police being notified. Although phone line security systems are not very common these days, if you still do have a phone line system, you should definitely get it upgraded as soon as possible.