Effects of Home Invasion on Victims

Maybe we’ve just read too many suspense novels and watched too many episodes of crime-themed television series, but a lot of us feel that these are the dangerous days. Profiling the intentions and MO of criminals are getting more difficult as they become more and more resourceful and skilled. The challenges posed by the continuous technological improvements on security and alarm system seem not enough to totally deter those with criminal intent from carrying out their plans. Although the statistics of Property Crimes have declined in the recent years, it seems that it is inversely proportional to the magnitude and loss brought about by these crimes. It makes everyone paranoid, some to the point of being irrationally paranoid. Once one’s right to privacy and safety is violated and trust is lost, it is seriously difficult to recover.

There have been documented incidents of home invasions gone very wrong, even deadly. Burglars, home invaders and thieves are known to carry weapons like guns and cutting instruments like knives. Once their initial plan of a simple burglary goes awry, things usually quickly spiral to more destruction of properties and sometimes, of life.

The effects of home invasion incidents on victims cannot be underestimated. The loss of material possessions, though usually the major one, is just the obvious effect. Material things are easily replaceable. There are worse and long lasting effects on victims that they have to deal with possibly for the rest of their lives.

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The major emotional effects on victims are fear which is associated with the loss of their sense of security. This becomes worse when the victims were at home during the burglary, and they experienced being physically threatened or actually harmed by the burglars or home invaders. Most victims have confessed that this fear, even with the help of psychological therapy and counseling, does not easily fade away. Instead, the fear increased over time.

They have experienced the disregard and total violation of their primary rights of security and safety. What was just then a small probability has become their lives’ harsh reality. They feel very vulnerable and become fearful of the possibility of being re-victimized. This is understandable since every one of us see the inside of our homes as the only place where we can feel complete safety and protection, and feel comfortable letting down our guards.  So when they are violated inside their very homes, it would be difficult for them to feel the sense of inviolability anywhere else. They would usually experience sleepless nights and days and extreme anxiety. For some, they remain at a higher-than-average heightened sense of alertness that persists throughout the rest of their lives.

Things are expectedly worse for the victims who were actually harmed. Some home invasions led to victims being raped, in some instances, family members get killed. The survivors are left to suffer what they have witnessed. They are left to mourn their losses at the same time to feel the utter helplessness due to their inability to fight off the criminals.

Although the emotional and psychological effects are serious, human beings are built to survive and outlast the challenges of life. With the right counseling and help from friends and family, victims can fully recover. However, as much as possible, one should aim to avoid ever experiencing these security-related crimes, and there are many ways to do that. The first and foremost is to install a reliable home security and alarm system.