General Building Security

Understanding the Importance of Building Security for an Organization

Since the existence of human being, security has been of prime importance. This is because, each, and every aspect of security has continued to define the levels of growth and development enjoyed by human society since the early days of Stone Age. But looked from a closer view, what really is Building Security?

Building Security can therefore be define as the essential steps taken to ensure the personal safety of all employees, contractors and visitors within the organization offices and buildings. With particular emphasis being laid, at ensuring that; unauthorized access to the organization buildings and offices is restricted.

Basic Guidelines of Building Security

Here are some steps one can use to ensure that their business, homes and enterprises are meet building security requirements;

Installation of Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt Locks act as a foundation block of physical building security.  As one of the strongest locking device for exterior doors,  Deadbolt locks can be used as a common means of improving house  and home security.

Establishing a Key Control Policy

Key control Policy are mainly aimed at ensuring that one knows who is holding the keys to your doors. This is because if your key holders is in a position to make duplicates without your consent, it only shows serious concerns with your building security plan. Hence, in ensuring the physical security of your doors, it’s of prime importance that they remain secure, through the establishment of effective key control policies.

Installation of Alarm System

Physical security Systems are an essential building security system that are primarily designed at keeping intruders and burglars out. However in case they get in alarm systems can not only scare them away, through the tripping of a siren but can also alert law enforcement professional who can respond to any break-in.

Assigning Floor Marshall

Floor Marshals are usually individuals charged with the responsibility of approaching unrecognized visitors to ensure that they have legitimate purpose of being on the company’s or your home premises. As a building security strategy field marshals also enable other employees report suspicious individuals within or around the organization.

Installing Electronic Access Control System

As opposed to mechanical locks, electronic access control systems enable one to record and know who open, or attempted to open any door. This information is extremely helpful especially when trying to investigate any building security breaches. In addition, it also enables an individual to instantly add or delete electronic keys with an increased ability of eliminating ones exposure or vulnerability as a result of stolen keys.

Using Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have an interesting ability of monitoring ones premises in addition to providing useful information and evidence especially in case of an attack accident or theft.

Learning about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

CPTED is a set of design principles and rules used to discourage crime. Such design principle can range from designs aimed at preventing or reducing damages from the force of natural disasters to improving and enhancing home offices as well as high-rise buildings.

Hence, when it comes to your office, house or company building security one should not take anything for granted. One should go to extra ordinary lengths to ensure they are sufficiently secured.