The Effects of A Home Invasion & How You Can Prevent It

Home Invasion stories are something that have become quite familiar with in society. We see it in the news frequently, read about it in the newspaper and watch it on the television. Scary right? Though we may casually watch it on TV without much of a second thought, the reality is- home invasions are the type of frightening event that can change our lives forever. We, as responsible individuals should take measures to be prepared.

Behind the Attack

One thing that we should keep in mind about home invasion is that these perpetrators can have multiple intentions of invading our house. Often it is with intent of robbery but often time this can lead to other events such as rape, kidnapping and worst of all – murder. As a matter of fact, these people aren’t amateurs and we should never treat them as such. In many home invasion incidents, the perpetrators have have studied their targets well enough to know almost everything about them that they need to know. In addition, they can be quite familiar with a victim’s personality, capability to fight back, financial status, and most of all – the person’s everyday routine – all of which are carefully examined. These aggressors, aside from being desperate are also very keen to details.

The Psychological Effects of Home Invasion

After a home invasion attack, the problems that victims face are not over, victims often experience trauma and other psychological effects. The most common emotional effects include anxiety, rage, guilt, resentment, feelings of shame, grief, and mood swings.  Most of these after-effects are similar to the victims of rape, violent crimes and assault. The victims can also have a change of perspective especially on how they deal with the people around them, their trust to local authorities and even to their own family.

How to Prevent This From Happening

First, in case of such an event, you need to have a clear mind and not panic, a situation such as this should be handled calmly and logically. An easy solution is having a high quality home security system. With a wireless home security system tied to a remote key fob, by pressing and holding the panic button on your key fob, the security system loudly sirens off and communicates to the police of a potential serious emergency. Fortunately, with the siren going off alone, most intruders are quickly scared away and a target’s safety is secured. Studies show that most burglars tend to commit their crimes during the day. Some however do it at night, weekends or even follow victims home from their prior location.

Home safety is something that we need to be in the habit of, putting time and effort in making sure that our home is a deterrent for intruders, and preventative of home invasions in the first place. Some of the most basic first steps you can take to ensure your safety and the security of your home are:

- Always lock your doors, windows and the garage when you’re away, even if you are very tired or in a hurry.

- Ensure that your home entrances are well-lighted especially those in the backyard. Motion lights are a great deterrent as well.

- And of course, Install or update to a thorough security system that includes a key fob remote with a programmed panic button.

If you’ve had a frightful experience or are experiencing fear or worry, remember, fear is a gift- as strange as it may sound. It’s a good thing, it’s your extra sense which keeps you safe, fears exist to help you give attention to what’s important. By taking preventative measures, you’ll find that you can alleviate your fears and feel much better. Start by think of the things you can do to ease your fears then take steps toward doing those things. You’ll find that by taking the right steps, you’ll feel more safe and secure than ever before.


To learn more about home invasions, check out the wikipedia section on it here.