Home Security Tips

Thinking about how to protect your house is the first step to ensuring the protection of your home and family. It can be easy to overlook simple security precautions so we’ve listed some important security tips below:

1.Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked
Whether you are at home or away, make sure to keep all doors and windows not in use properly locked. Keeping your doors/windows locked is a good habit, and especially important if you are planning to leave your house for a prolonged period of time.

2.Protect Garage Windows and Doors
Be sure to secure your garage windows and doors. Many intruders enter these areas, and they are often overlooked. Older garage door openers are very easy to hack. If you have an obsolete model, upgrade it as soon as possible and ensure you have good locks on these entry points.

3.Lock Detached Storage Sheds and Garages
Though you may not have valuables in your storage shed or garage, you should still keep them locked. The primary purpose of this is to discourage intruders from further testing entry in your home. Additionally, tools such as unsecured ladder should be locked away. If not, they can be used by intruders.

4.Be Wary Not to Tempt Burglars
If you have nice jewelry, electronics, appliances or furniture at your home, keep them discreet and unapparent to any outsiders. These things of obvious value could tempt a to-be burglar and much more importantly, could potentially put your family at risk.

5.Maintain a Lighted Environment
Motion sensor lights are great deterrents. It is best to have motion sensor lights in your front yard, along the sides of your home, and even back of your home.

6.Cancel Deliveries If You’re Out of Town
If you are planning to go somewhere, make sure to avoid having packages delivered while you are gone. Packages left out front can be an obvious indicator that you nobody is home.

7.Change Locks if Moving into a New House
If you have a new house, it’s quite important to change your door locks as you have no idea how many people or who has access to the old door.

8. Don’t Put Your Name and Address on Your Keys
This may seem obvious, but simply don’t keep your name and address connected to your key chain. In this way, even if you lose your keys, anyone who finds it won’t know where you live thus it won’t put you at risk.

9.Security Yard-signs are Deterrents
It has been proved statistically that having a security sign in front of your home is a major deterrent and reduces the likelihood of a break in significantly.  Any time you get a security system you can get a sign to display in front of your home. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to put signs on the sides of your home or by a back entry door—this way any intruder that makes it that far will think twice before attempting to break in.

10.Install/Update Security Products
One of the best ways of how to protect your house is having a new/upgraded monitored security system. It is very simple to ensure your property is secure with new and easy-to-use technology (such as iPhone/Android remote control/monitoring of your system). If you are interested in getting a new system or upgrading your existing system feel free to call us and we would be happy to help.