How You Can Protect Yourself During a Home Invasion

When we hear the word home invasion, it sends shivers down our spines. It’s scary and the actual situation can only be described as a nightmare. Though, in reality we can’t just brush off the possibility that this may happen to us – so instead of being scared away from the mere thought of it. We need to be prepared and mentally alert if in any event that this happens to us. What do we need to do if a burglar invades our house and we’re home? These helpful tips are often given out by the local police to prevent anyone being harmed during a home invasion.

- Time is very important in a home invasion so you only have a few seconds to act before the criminals see you. If you have time and you have your phone with you – a quick dial of the police’s emergency number is the first thing that you should do before the criminals get to you.

- Did you know that when you make an emergency call and it gets interrupted, the emergency dispatch personnel will send an officer to your home after a failed call back attempt? In any event that a callback is made, you can press the “answer” button and just leave it on so the official can hear what’s happening but don’t take your eyes off the burglar.  If there is a conversation between you and the burglar then the officer on the other end will surely hear it and would know the situation. Although, you need to be very careful when trying to get information out of your perpetrator, do not make yourself obvious and do not scream or be hysterical.


- Do not panic. Remember this, if you panic, you are most likely to scream and try to fight to defend yourself thus making your attacker more aggressive. Your main priority is the safety of the people inside your home. In fact, most burglars are there to steal, not to harm you. If you were instructed to stay put and just stay quiet then just do so – especially if they have weapons. You can earn back your valuable possessions but you can never take back a life.

- Without being obvious, make sure you check the appearance of the burglar. Remember his voice and his height, everything that you can check even the clothes that he is wearing. Have a clear mind because this can help the police later when they are to track the criminal down.

- As soon as the burglar leaves, quickly lock your doors and call 911 or your local authorities. Just stay in one place and don’t go through the places where the burglar has been because he might have left important evidence that they can use – this includes his fingerprints.

- Once the burglar leaves, keep calm and write down everything that you know about the event and about the burglar. The reason for this is because most people, after a home invasion will panic and will soon forget all the details and most of the time the details won’t be accurate. You won’t be sure if he was using a dark blue or black car. These information no matter how small is very important because it is the key to their arrest.

These might be too much at first but if you see the point behind these steps then you will know that they will work. Smart home techniques include these steps because they have been proven to be effective. Remember, by carrying out these simple steps, you can save your life because it’s up to you to make a decision: Remain calm and make a compliant after the home invasion or attempt to flee or fight back. Whichever choice you make – you need to consider your loved one’s safety first.