No Nonsense Home Security Ideas

Have you heard about the latest news today? Did something catch your attention and made you realize just how dangerous the world is. Everytime we read the newspaper or listen to the radio, there are a lot of news about burglaries and guess what? It doesn’t even matter if its day or night, as long as they know what they are dealing with, they will surely show no mercy about their attack.

Did you know that more than 80% of break-ins can be prevented? Yes that is correct. Basically, these burglars will only target certain houses that they know are vulnerable to their attacks. Listed are quick and easy steps on how to protect your house from these intruders.

  • Secure your valuables and create a list so you know if something is missing. If needed, buy a safety deposit box and secure them there but also be mindful of keeping the code with you and only to those you trust especially if you have a lot of people going in and out your home.
  • Be spontaneous. Avoid the usual time pattern like going out for grocery shopping at exactly 10 am every Friday or having an out-of-town weekend with your whole family every Sunday. These are patterns that burglars use to know when to attack. We can find ways on how to do this. Try installing automatic lights that uses timers and try to do your grocery shopping or other errands on different days or at least at a different time.
  • Install security alarms. Nowadays, there are a lot of security alarms available and most of them are already using the current technology. Have you heard about the alarms that uses cellular networks? Just by using your smartphone, you can control your alarm system. These are just one of the choices that you can consider for home protection.
  • Think ahead. Did you know that one of the tricks of burglars is that they will actually try and call you from your home phone? If you don’t answer after a couple of call attempts, then it is just an assurance that you are not home right? Set up call forwarding if needed.
  • Use secure locks. Those might cost more than the usual bargain that we may get from any hardware store but remember; if it is for your security, quality comes first than quantity or budget. Use those heavy duty padlocks and make sure that they are installed properly.


  • Avoid telling everyone about your plans. Anyone would be so excited for a week-long vacation but remember too much information can compromise your security. News travel fast especially if you’re in a neighborhood where everyone knows where you’re going, how long and all the important information that can also be used against you.

We may already be familiar with some of these home protection strategies but it doesn’t hurt if we review them and actually put them into action. Nowadays, everyone is very conscious with home security because those are our hard-earned money and aside from that, no one wants to be a victim of home invasion.