The Blade Runner’s Defense: A High Profile Case on Security Threats

It was unbelievable, shocking in an awful way, when we heard of the news about South African Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius shooting his girlfriend dead in his own home. It is difficult to conceive that the person accused of murder is a celebrated athlete, a double amputee who became the most admired athlete in the world of track and field, and that the dead victim is his almost equally famous model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. It is however more difficult to conceive how and why it happened.


Although the South African Police has charged Pistorius with deliberate murder, his defense team has disclosed that what happened was unintentional, it was terrifying and sad, but it was an accident. According to his lawyer, Pistorius shot his girlfriend accidentally, thinking that she was an intruder. This is not far from happening in a country where the threat of home invasions and similar crimes is serious. In fact, a lot of upscale neighborhood in South Africa are barricaded and are protected by armed security. Pistorius has also expressed and shown in the past how jumpy and nearly paranoid he is about being fully prepared to fight off an intruder in his home.

The police and the prosecutors, however, paint a different picture of what happened. They say the shooting was pre-meditated. This is supported by the earlier domestic incidents that Pistorius’ neighbors reported to the police.

At the present time, no one can really be sure about what truly happened. Whether it was a pre-meditated murder or a tragic accident rooted in the serious issue of home and property security threats.  However, it does bring to light the seriousness of residential security problems in South Africa, a country that has been previously plagued with racial issues. It also shows how volatile a threatened homeowner can be when faced with the possibility of an intruder invading his home. Although some details of the crime and Pistorius’ extreme behavior or mindset about home invasion are quite suspicious, it bothers us to think that given the right circumstance, this same thing could happen to every one of us, and that his defense team could be telling the truth.

It also makes us think not just about the importance of having an effective security and alarm system for our homes, but also about how to effectively balance the security and alarm system and the homeowner’s mindset and behavior.  This is the main reason why security experts always advise property owners to use a security system that they trust and which effectiveness has already been proven time and again, a system which they are comfortable with and would give them that much needed peace of mind. The balance between the homeowner’s mindset and psychological behavior and the efficiency and intelligence of his/her security system should be a top priority, lest we want to mistaken our loved ones for intruders and do them harm.

For a system to be effective, it should be intelligent and as foolproof as possible. You trust it with your life and that of your loved ones, so there is absolutely no enough reason to not be cautious when choosing an alarm and security system company. That which you choose should be able to get the burden of constant worrying and even paranoia off your head.

Again, we don’t know for sure what exactly happened with Blade Runner and his girlfriend, but let’s take a lesson from this incident. There is no totally safe place to live in nowadays, and this threat on our privacy and security is playing with our minds. The security system which we should choose should not intensify our worries, instead it should give us the peace of mind that we deserve when we are inside our home.