The Losses in Property-Related Crimes

Property-related crimes such as burglary and robbery are all about valuable losses. The nature of the criminal act itself anchors on the taking of valuables. It is an unfortunate reality that in most instances more than just material things are taken. Sometimes, lives are destroyed, taken, lost.
The gravity of the losses due to these criminal acts is often disregarded due to the fact that the statistics are not usually available. The definition and boundaries of these crimes are interlapping with other crimes, making some committed crimes trickier to get classified. Moreover property-related crimes are not usually viewed to be as serious as other crimes like murder and rape. However, it must be pointed out that crimes like burglary and theft can easily turn into more violent crimes, and there were already many instances that they did.
According to a United Nation Survey, the United States led 68 other countries in the frequency of property-related crimes. In the previous year, it is reported that an average burglary in the US costs the victim 1,675 dollars in property loss. An average monetary loss per vehicle stolen is 9,980 dollars. As a national average, US citizens lost around 4.6 billion from these crimes. Although there is a yearly decrease in the number of reported property related crimes, it is only a measly 1.3 percent decrease.
Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. This is almost completely true for properties taken during burglaries and theft. Out of all reported burglaries, only 13 percent would be solved by the authorities, and out of all property loss reported, only 5 percent would be eventually recovered. This depressingly low rate of property recovery shows how important it is to take precautions to prevent the crime from happening in the first place.

property loss
We can talk about the statistics of property loss like the number of stolen cars, the dollar value of jewelries, collectibles and other valuable things taken during a burglary, but the kind of loss that we would never be able to determine the value of is the kind that is most debilitating. It is the loss of our sense of safety and security, and sometimes the loss of a life of a loved one.
Although the number of occurrences of burglaries and theft are in a steady decline, they are still pervasive. So unless you are willing to risk losing your possessions as well as your lives and risk suffering from physical and psychological trauma, then you should bother yourself about getting some protection. Every one of us should be willing to spend on the technological advances in home security and alarm system. When deciding whether to get a security system installed or debating whether to get a good but expensive system or a cheap but unreliable device, take into consideration the statistic which states that installation of a decent security and alarm system makes your house or office or business establishment 1/3 less likely to be burglarized, robbed or invaded.