The Misuse of Genius: How Criminals Disarm Security and Alarm Systems

It is a mistake to underestimate the skill and determination of criminals. Security system companies certainly do not. That is why they keep on updating their systems, always studying recent cases of burglary, theft and home invasion to come up with new devices and systems equipped with the newest technology in home security. Here are some of the known tactics that criminals use to defeat security and alarm systems.

how criminals disarm

  • Most security and alarm professionals refer to it as ‘smash and crash’. Most alarm systems allow homeowners a main entry door where they usually use to enter their house. The alarm system detects the entry and expects that the homeowner would go straight to the alarm system control panel and disable it, so it would not go off. This process is taken advantage by criminals. They break in or walk in thru the main entry door, just as the homeowners would do, and quickly look for the alarm control panel. Since the criminals won’t probably know the code to deactivate or disarm the alarm system, they instead destroy it so it would altogether not send out any kind of alarm.
  • Some criminals take a page out of the fable ‘The Boy who Cried Wolf’. They intentionally break in or do something to set off the alarm system of a house or a business establishment. But that’s all they do, set off the alarm and nothing else. They repeatedly do this so the homeowners and the police would think that the security and alarm system is defective and would decide to just totally shut it off. Once this happens, the burglars would then break in and carry out their whole plan.
  • By cutting off the power and telephone lines, the burglars render an ordinary security system useless. There are some systems which have an internal power back-up but unlike a few which use cellular or satellite transmissions, most of them still transmit signals using the telephone lines. Although the security company is automatically notified about the disruption of the transmission signals from the house or business establishment, the burglars can easily enter the premises quickly and finish their job, before the police comes.
  • Some burglars are technologically savvy. They know how different security systems work and how to fool the system. Depending on the security system installed, they can ingeniously use some simple things like a piece of foil which they attach to the sensor in windows and doors. This makes the security system believes that there is no disruption in the flow of its electrical current, even when the burglar has already removed the magnet which transmits the electrical current, and replaced it with a piece of foil. After they’ve done this, they can then freely enter the house.

Whether you are a security professional or a simple property owner, it would certainly still pay off to be aware of the different tactics and Modus Operandi of criminals. This way, we give ourselves a fighting chance to keep up with the dangerous ways of criminals and deter their plans.