The Need for Security: Tackling the Issue of Gun Control

In the wake of gun-related tragedies that have befallen the different states of United States recently, people are faced with question as to how safe it is for a community to allow its citizens to own and use guns.

From the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting incident to the more recent case of a 15-year-old teenager  who killed his parents and younger siblings at their own home, the terror is no longer just outside of our nation’s soil. It is now inside our own territories, our schools and our own homes. Our government is rushing to strengthen the laws on gun control to stop the gun-related violence. This leads to passionate arguments between those who are pro-gun and those who are against giving citizens the right to own a gun.

For an ordinary citizen, this issue becomes a more basic one, a question of survival. If we agree to prohibit guns, then how do we protect our properties and our own life and those of our loved ones? Even with the strictest gun control law, it is a reality that some individuals and groups with ill-intentions would still manage to get guns from the black market. If they do, then it becomes an unlevel playing field. We cannot expect the police authorities to always be present at all times. When push comes to shove and we are left alone to secure and defend our lives and our properties, how would we do it?

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Guns are undeniably good means of protection, if properly used.  It deters criminals from entering our house once they know that we have a gun and can use it on them. However what we forget is that Security comes before Defense.  Securing our properties comes before the possibility of defending them from threats. Although these gun related tragedies makes us more vigilant, cautious and able and ready to defend, we have to realize that defending our properties and our lives makes no sense if we  are unable to secure them first. Moreover, securing your properties makes it less likely that we will ever have to defend them. Before we bother to put forth our arguments whether we  need to be allowed to own a gun or not, we have to busy ourselves first with installing security system and alarms on our homes, our lands, our shops, and other properties we value. Installing a security and alarm system is much safer than hiding a gun on your nightstand drawer. Our young kids will not be at risk and gun accidents can be averted.

However, this is not to say that you should not have a gun. If you feel adept, comfortable and fully responsible, then you earn that privilege to own a gun. The stress should be made on it being a privilege and not a right though. There is too much risk involved in using a gun that we should do everything to keep us from the need of having to fire that gun. We have to focus our efforts in securing our lives and properties. We should not hold back in investing in a decent home safety and security system, lest we are ready to risk exposing our children to guns and gun-related violence.