Two-Way Voice

An important feature of newer security systems is the two-way voice technology. This system helps the monitoring station in determining your emergency situation. In the case of an emergency, it also gives authorities a verified emergency notice, which ensures a fast response.

Two-way voice technology was not as important in the past when police would still respond to alarm calls promptly. These days however, it is extremely important as the since over 90% of alarms set off are false alarms. Today, police often place older home alarm calls without two-way voice at a low priority, and in some cities have stopped responding to non-confirmed responses altogether! This can be disastrous especially if you have an emergency.
The way it works is in the case of an alarm being set off, the monitoring station is first notified. The monitoring agent will seek to confirm if the alert is an actual emergency or a merely false alarm. Two-way voice technology allows the agent to confirm right over the panel via a speakerphone, asking the homeowner for a specific word password that was set up prior. If it is a false alarm, the homeowner can say the password and the alarm is returned to standby mode. In case of a fire or medical emergency, the agent can determine if there actually is a fire or medical emergency or if the alarm was set off by accident. However, if there is an actual intrusion or emergency, the monitoring station can hear noises like drawers being opened or breaking glass. The microphones are very sensitive so they can also hear distress calls inside the home as well as groaning or grunting or other signs of help needed. At this point the monitoring station would immediately notify the police, fire department and/or paramedics with a high-priority confirmed response, getting them out to you as soon as possible.