"It's time you took your security system to the next level"
How An Alarm System Works

An alarm system is a system of security, medical alert, and fire alarm sensors intended to keep a home/business secured and safe. Although the main purpose of alarm systems is to provide protection and security, they have a range of functions including intruder protection, smoke-and-heat sensor fire alarms, and medical emergency response capabilities. You could very well have an alarm specialized in all three types of potential emergencies depending on your needs. We’ll break them down below:

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Cellular Alarm Systems

Cellular alarm technology is a significant move forward in home security. Cellular alarm systems work similar to your cellphone in that they communicate through cellular towers. In case of an alarm being triggered, the system notifies the monitoring station through a cellular call, from the inside of your house. In the past, security systems had to run through the home phone line in order to communicate with the monitoring station. In today’s age, home phone lines are being phased out and are

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Smart Home Technology and Home Automation

The Smart Home: Not Just for the Jones’

The word “smart home” conjures an image of advanced electronics and futuristic machinery in a commercial or industrial setting, but at its core, smart home technology is merely a simplification of the way that human needs are met—the simpler and faster, the better. At their most basic, these needs are focused on security and the preservation of personal resources, both of which are centered on the home.

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