Frequently Asked Questions About Our Security Service


1. Why do I need a security system?
With the increasing occurrences of thefts and burglaries these days, it makes a lot of sense to have a system. Not to mention, a security system grants you a peace of mind so that you can go on with your life knowing you’ve got your bases covered in case of any kind of police, fire or medical emergency.

2. How do I use a security system?
Security systems are primarily controlled through a main panel. Alternatively, key fob remotes can be used to arm or disarm the system, and even more so, with new technology you can control all of the features of your security service through an iPhone/Android application, giving you control of your system anywhere in the world you can access the internet.

3. Can I install the system myself?
It’s highly recommended to have a specialized alarm technician from a security company to install the system for you. Further, you can get your alarm installed for free with any upgrade/new security service agreement so it makes sense to have the alarm professionally installed for you.

4. How long does an installation take?
A full installation would typically take only about 1.5 – 2 hours. With wireless systems(which we use), system installations are painless and fast without having to wire through the attic or do surgery on the house. Furthermore, this makes it easy to do any additions, upgrades or maintenance in the future.

5. Is telephone line necessary?
Older alarm systems would require a phone line, but newer cellular systems do not. Cellular systems are definitely the trend with land-line systems being phased out.

6. Are security products easy to use?
Yes. More so now then ever, security products are very simple and self-explanatory. Modern versions have LCD touch screen for easy control and be controlled from your smartphone for convenience.

7. Do alarm systems discourage intruders?
Yes. If a potential intruder knows that your house is protected by an alarm system, they are more unlikely to target your home.

8. Is an alarm system expensive?
Contrary to common belief, you can get an exceptional deal on a new system or upgrade. We offer free equipment, installation, and warranties for a top-of-the-line system with only a one-time $99 activation (besides that all you pay is the monthly monitoring for your security service and connection to the police, fire department, and paramedics).

9. If you have a wireless alarm system, how often do you need to change its battery?
Newer systems utilize lithium batteries that last for around 3-5 years.

10. Is alarm system pet-friendly?
Yes. Security systems come with pet-friendly motion detector to allow pets to stay in the home while you’re gone.

11. Do you provide a warranty for your security service?
Yes. We provide a parts and labor warranty included with a new installation. A minor $25 trip charge fee is all you’d pay and we’ll cover all the work that needs to be done. This is a big deal because many alarm owners don’t have a warranty and can often be charged hundreds of dollars by their security company for the simplest of fixes (and many times neglect faulty systems for this reason).

12. If the alarm is set-up, how can I tell it’s working?
This can be doing a system-test to ensure it is operational. Just call the customer service number and we’d be happy to run a test.

13. If there is a power outage, can the alarm work?
Yes. The alarm system comes with a battery backup that ensures the alarm works for at least 24 hours in case of a power outage.

14. Can you get my friend a system too?
Absolutely, let us know you referred them and we’ll provide you a free month of monitoring service.

15. Why should I pick your security service over another security company?
It’s important to have all your bases covered in a security system (such as having two-way voice, cellular, and other important details which are often overlooked). Sadly, we often see people with systems that have obvious missing sensors or weren’t even set up optimally in the first place by their original security company. We strive to make a difference in this regard by getting you a top of the line system from the get-go while getting you an excellent deal. We commit ourselves to giving you outstanding service as we want to win over the business of your friends and family members who also need a system or could use an upgrade. We take heart and enjoy our work, give us a try and see for yourself!

16. What’s the best way to contact you to get a new system?
Give us a call, we’re good about being efficient-responders and getting you taken care of quickly as we believe that’s part of good service. If we can’t answer for any reason just leave us a message and we will get back to you promptly!

17. How soon can I get my system installed?
We have an excellent network of technicians nationwide, we are usually able to get your installation done and have you fully up and running within a few days after you call!